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How to take care of your hair by training every day? See expert tips

Those who maintain a daily exercise routine may have problems creating a schedule for washing their hair and doubts about how to care for their hair.

To help with this, the CNN brought together the assessment of two experts on pre, during and post physical hair care. See below.

What should you put on your hair before exercising?

The technical coordinator of Yamá Cosmetíco, Marisa Russo suggests the use of a leave-in with sunscreen for activities in which the hair is exposed to the sun’s rays.

For sports like running, she mentions the possibility of using accessories, such as a cap, which help protect your hair from the sun, but warns: “No wearing it for a long time or repeating the accessory for two days in a row, it’s important Make sure the fabric is very dry to avoid the proliferation of fungi that can cause dermatitis and weakening of the hair.”

The dermatologist and trichologist Simone Neri states that it is not necessary to use products on your hair before exercising, unless it is an activity in water: “In this case, the ideal is to apply a mask to protect the strands, but never on the roots.”

Is there a right way to tie your hair?

The two experts stated that the ideal is to tie the strands lightly, without tightening the hairstyle too much, be it a braid, bun or ponytail.

Simone Neri also talked about avoiding getting dirty hands in your hair. Therefore, it is necessary to tie your hair in a way that will hold up during the entire exercise period.

Should I always wash my hair after exercising?

It depends. According to Simone Neri, washing after exercise is ideal if the person sweats a lot: “We know that increased oiliness on the scalp can cause seborrheic dermatitis, the famous dandruff, which can weaken the hair and lead to hair loss.”

Russo added that with lower water temperatures and using appropriate products, it’s okay to wash your hair every day.

If sweating occurs in small amounts, washing can be alternated, according to the specialist.

Can I sleep with dirty hair and wash it the next day?

The logic is the same as the question above, according to dermatologist and trichologist Simone Neri.

“If there is too much sebum production, this can lead to seborrheic dermatitis and affect the health of the hair, so the ideal is to wash your hair frequently and avoid sleeping with dirty hair,” he said.

Does exercising with videos from the internet work?

Source: CNN Brasil

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