Huawei will train experts on working with wireless networks in Russia

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Huawei, which is currently the leader in the field of communication technologies, has officially presented in Russia a special program for certification of experts in the field of wireless technologies – it is called HCIE WLAN. According to company representatives, at the moment, the high-tech industry is experiencing a shortage of competent personnel to work with cloud computing, the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and big data. In Russia, the need for experienced professionals has also increased, and Huawei plans to help train them.

The new program, presented by Huawei employees in Russia, will prepare qualified specialists who can work with Huawei’s wireless technologies – they are used to solve many business problems and not only. The program itself is fully localized and will be available to employees of Huawei partners and customers. In the course of studying the course, employees will be provided with knowledge about the correct planning, design, configuration and operation of modern solutions, which are already widely used throughout the country.

The training system is represented by three levels – at the basic level, specialists are certified, who most often are graduates of specialized educational institutions. Next comes the professional level, which is created for university graduates, and the final, third stage, is created to train experts who already have significant experience in this area. And, of course, it will not be easy to obtain the Huawei Certified ICT Expert certificate – for this, the specialist must have a serious theoretical and practical base, plus impressive experience in a particular direction.

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