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Hug Specialist: Charges $92 per cuddling session

A Canadian man who lives in England has a profession that may seem somewhat strange to us, since he is a specialist in giving hugs. But as unbelievable as he may seem, he has been so successful in his work that now he even organizes group sessions for which he charges a good bucks.

But before you think badly, we will tell you that it is not at all about something sexual, rather, according to the words he shared with in an interview for the Daily Mail, it is creating a human connection, showering care, affection and goodwill through a hug.

Something about which you have surely already heard are some of the benefits that hugging brings to health, such as that it reduces your stress and tension levels, increases your self-esteem and improves your mood, lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of of diseases and even prevents premature aging.

Amazing, right? Maybe that’s why Trevor Hooton saw a business opportunity and took advantage of it, because his clients feel so good after attending his cuddle therapies that now this man organizes group cuddle parties, where you can attend for the modest amount of 37 Dollars.

I have thrown four parties so far and each one has been unique and special in its own way. We have a very mixed group, some people are single and not familiar with touch, but want to develop comfort. At the other end of the spectrum, there are people who are used to being touched and want more.

I built a business based on my passion for building human connections. Many people find it difficult to do that and that is where I intervene. It’s more than just snuggling, it’s giving people the things they need, whatever it is. With cuddle therapists, you are hiring their time, attention, and care. It’s more than just hugging a stranger.

If there is no therapist like Trevor where you live, consider putting hug therapy into practice, gather your family or friends to access all the benefits that hugs bring us. In addition, the best of all is that we will not have to pay anything.

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