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Human chain to locate survivors in the ruins of the Ohmadite Children’s Hospital in Ukraine

Volunteers and rescuers have formed a human chain to help rescue crews clear the rubble and locate any survivors, outside the Kiev children’s hospital that was attacked by Russian troops today Residents of the neighborhood, wounded, soldiers and doctors, some covered in blood hospital gowns, they were all there after the attack that claimed the lives of at least two people at the Ohmadite hospital, one of the largest in Europe. “The facilities were destroyed. At this stage it is probably impossible to work here,” Oleksandr, a doctor, told AFP. Pavlo Golovy, a 37-year-old family man, rushed to the hospital where his son Vyacheslav, aged just 3, was being treated. Distraught, he found the building destroyed, smoke rising from the wreckage. Luckily, his son and wife were unharmed. According to Ukraine’s first aid services, at least two doctors were killed and seven other people were injured – including two children. […]
Source: News Beast

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