Humorist Paulo Vieira denounces racist attacks on social media

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The comedian Paulo Vieira denounced, on his official Twitter account, that he was the victim of racist attacks on social networks. In the images published by the artist, the offenses range from “monkey” to “black fagot”.

“It is clear that the fascist extreme right does not accept jokes, they do not even accept the results of the elections”, wrote Paulo.

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According to the comedian, in addition to the messages sent through social networks, both he and his family are receiving calls of a similar nature.

The hostility would have started after Paulo’s participation in the “Best of the Year” award, last Sunday (25). Among the jokes he made on the program, the comedian mentioned the actions taken by voters of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) who did not accept the victory at the polls of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

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“If I don’t win, I won’t accept defeat. I’m going to ask for a printed vote, I’m going to knock down Globo’s carts, I’m going to set fire to the carts, I’m going to the barracks door to ask for Faustão’s return ”, he joked.

Bolsonaristas are concentrated in front of headquarters in different parts of the country, contesting the PT’s victory and rejecting his inauguration, since the end of the presidential second round.

Despite the attacks, Paulo reassured his followers that he was fine. “I know this is just a reaction to the undeniable power of humor. I am strong and more and more certain of my role”, he published.

Source: CNN Brasil

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