Hungary: Budapest tightens restraint measures ahead of outbreak

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THE Hungary will close all shops, except food suppliers and pharmacies, while primary schools will be included in distance education, after high schools and lyceums, as the epidemic is spreading rapidly. Covid-19, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a statement that the government would extend financial support to all sectors that will be shut down from March 8th to March 22nd, according to APE.

Hungary announces launch of daily Covid-19 cases at 6,278 cases, at the highest level in the last three months, with the death toll rising to 152, with experts warning in recent days of an impending outbreak due to the spread of the British and South African variant of the coronavirus in the country.

THE Hungary had vaccinated more than 10% of the population by March 2, having just exceeded one million vaccinations with at least one dose.

It is the first European Union country to put Sinopharm on the Chinese vaccine and then the Russian Sputnik V vaccine on the menu without the approval of the European regulatory authority.

Despite the acceleration of the vaccination campaign, Hungarian officials have been warning in recent days that Budapest should step up restrictive measures to deal with the outbreak.

The restrictive measures that have been in force since November included night shifts traffic ban, closure of hotels and restaurants, ban on gatherings and distance learning of secondary education.

The union of primary school teachers this week called for the extension of distance education to primary schools to limit the spread of the epidemic.

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