Hungary: Orban’s party opposes ‘promoting’ homosexuality to minors

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Hungarian Prime Minister’s party tabled legislative amendments aimed at banning the “promotion” of homosexuality or gender reassignment among minors Victor Orban, according to a text posted on the parliament’s website.

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Five non-governmental organizations, including Amnesty International and Pride Budapest, immediately condemned in a statement “this new proposal by Fidesz, which is similar to the Russian legislation punishes any act of homosexual “propaganda” to the younger ones, as they complain.

Hungary: What will the ban mean in practice?

In practice, as AMPE explains, educational programs or advertisements of large groups that are in solidarity with homosexuals, such as that of Coca-Cola, which in 2019 caused calls for a boycott, will no longer be allowed, according to the 11-page text, a copy of provided by AFP.

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The same goes for books on the subject, such as the collection of stories and legends that dramatize homosexuality, which provoked the wrath of the authorities in the autumn of 2020.

If the clauses are adopted, “freedom of expression and the rights of the child will be severely restricted,” warn NGOs. Hungary that it “copies dictatorial models that run counter to European values”.

“The government is turning against its own citizens, following the example of Russia and China,” they said.

The controversial amendments are part of an arsenal of anti-pedophile measures, an amalgam denounced by the independent Telex website. These include creating a database of people who have been convicted and are accessible to the public, or even the ban on practicing certain professions.

This new attack on LGBT people comes in the context of a hardening of the policy of Victor Orban, who defends what he considers to be traditional Christian values ​​and promises a cultural “new era”.

In December 2020, parliament adopted a legislative package that incorporates the traditional concept of family and gender into the Constitution and de facto prohibits same-sex adoption.

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