Trump Declares Himself Uninvolved in Hunter Biden Probe

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Donald Trump has declared himself uninvolved in the Hunter Biden probe. The President stated that he has ‘nothing’ to do with the investigations being carried out regarding the President elect Joe Biden’s son and his monetary affairs.

The President took to Twitter to deny allegations of being behind the probes into the Biden family financial affairs.

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The Hunter Biden Probe

Hunter Biden and his involvement with the Ukrainian company Burisma has often been on the receiving end of jibes by Republicans, including President Donald Trump. Questions on his position in Burisma during the Obama rule, while Joe Biden was Vice President and counselled the then President on US foreign policy with Ukraine have often been raised. The republicans believe that Hunter’s involvement with Burisma may have resulted in conflicts of interest and could have guided the decisions taken.

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The issue was raised many times during the US presidential election campaign of 2020. Trump was one of the people supporting the theory that the top prosecutor of Ukraine had been fired under the Obama administration to stop investigations into Burisma and Hunter Biden. Donald Trump had also labelled the Biden family a ‘criminal’ enterprise.

Probe Into the Issue

Investigations on the matter have been going on since 2018. However, during the election season, the probe was being carried out covertly to stop the matter from effecting the results of the US election 2020.

Earlier this month, the President elect’s son Hunter revealed that his tax affairs were under investigation in the state of Delaware. Probes are being carried out regarding Hunter’s role in businesses in China, Ukraine and evasion of tax laws.




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