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Hunter Biden, son of the American president, will not testify at his trial

Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joe Biden, will not testify in his criminal trial, where he is accused of withholding from the government in 2018 the fact that he used drugs in order to illegally buy a gun, according to the US news network CNN. . Abby Lowell, a lawyer for the son of the US president, hinted in court that he would not testify, but asked the judge to instruct the jury not to consider it as incriminating evidence against him. That instruction will be given later today. Prosecutors in the first criminal trial of a child of a sitting president finished examining witnesses on Friday. Last week, witnesses gave an inside look at Hunter Biden’s years-long battle with alcohol and cocaine addiction. Because of his drug use, he was prohibited from buying a gun. The 54-year-old son of the president has pleaded not guilty to the charge that he lied about […]
Source: News Beast

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