Hunter eyes: the touch up that men like

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The way Lysippos carved Alexander the Great’s eyes in marble is a depiction of the hunter eyes before they were encoded. Literally “hunter’s eyes”, that is eyes resting on a well-defined cheekbone, with hooded mobile eyelid and with a horizontal cut, all completed by marked eyebrows. The result is a determined look that naturally generates attraction. What makes it so magnetic is the narrow and long frame of the eye, which manages to depict male sensuality well according to a classic aesthetic ideal.

«Non-verbal language communicates also and above all through the eyes. In this case, we are talking about a millimeter aesthetic retouching but capable of changing the communicative message of the face. Men ask hunter eyes as opposed to rounder eyes, with a more defined mobile eyelid and a vertical cut that gives more sweetness to the look “, says doctor Carlo Graziani, specialist in oculoplastica with studies in Turin, Milan and Rome.

It is not enough to desire it,hunter eye it’s not for everyone. «It is still an invasive retouching that foresees its own course. For this reason, the choice of the professional to turn to and the dialogue with the patient are fundamental, essential to understand not only if he has the right face but also to give value to the psychological aspect of retouching », says Graziani.

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