Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi announced that it will add a new ARB token to the trading floor on March 23, which will operate on the Arbitrum second layer protocol.

Token developers from Offchain Labs promise to conduct an airdrop on the same day. ARBs are going to be distributed only to those members of the community who have used the network within the last year. New token holders will have the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes regarding the development and management of the platform.

In total, Arbitrum plans to issue 10 billion ARB tokens. Of these, about 12% will be transferred to users of the Arbitrum protocol. A little less than half, almost 45%, will be received by investors and employees of Offchain Labs.

Arbitrum, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain, offers two networks: Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova. The first promises a special level of reliability in DeFi protocols, but slow transaction speeds and relatively high fees. The second is used for gaming and social applications, as it offers minimal commissions and high transaction speed.

In the meantime, PoolTogether platform participants are already betting whether the distribution of tokens will be held before the end of March or not.

Earlier it became known that the volume of trading in the stablecoin TUSD doubled after major cryptocurrency exchanges, including the Huobi exchange, introduced zero commissions for trading TUSD in pairs with leading cryptocurrencies.

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