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Hurricane Lee strengthens again and could reach category 4 by this Monday

Hurricane Lee strengthened again and became a category 3 hurricane again, with maximum sustained winds of 190 km/h, satellite images and data from a hurricane hunter plane indicated this Sunday (10).

The powerful storm, which has fluctuated in intensity throughout its passage through the Atlantic, is expected to move to category 4, which is very dangerous, by the end of this Sunday, or this Monday morning (11), according to the Center United States Hurricane National.

“Dangerous waves and rip currents have begun to hit portions of the southeastern East Coast (of the United States) and are expected to worsen and spread northward along much of the U.S. East Coast over the next few days,” said the National Hurricane Center in a statement.

The hurricane is forecast to slow down considerably as it moves toward Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands, and the northern Leeward Islands.

It is still too early to determine its long-term path later this week and how significant the impacts could be for the northeastern US states, Bermuda and Canada.

By midweek, the hurricane will curve north, eventually moving between Bermuda and the U.S. East Coast later this week.

The East Coast is bracing for the same kind of big waves and rip currents that the Caribbean is facing now.

“Waves generated by Hurricane Lee are affecting parts of the Lesser Antilles,” warned the National Hurricane Center on Friday night (8).

The British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo Island, Turks and Caicos Islands, Bahamas and Bermuda also face waves this weekend that could bring life-threatening surf conditions.

Breaking waves of 6 to 10 feet were forecast for Sunday, according to the National Weather Service office in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Bigger waves were expected this week on east and north facing beaches.

“Beach erosion and coastal flooding are possible,” the office posted on social media.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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