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Hyrox, how is the new fitness trend that combines running and functional training

1km running sessions, spaced each from 8 different functional workouts: it's about Hyrox, fitness competition and new sporting trend that has experienced great popularity in recent years.

At its core, an innovative and holistic approach that combines running with the basic movements that the human body can perform: Pull, Push, Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Rotation and Gait. The 8s functional training which alternate with running – namely ski erg, sled push, sled pull, burpee broad jump, rowing machine, farmer's carry, sandbag lunge and wall ball – were selected by the athlete Mintra Tilly. Objective: to improve the resistence and train muscle strength.

As reported in an article that recently appeared on New York Timesthe popularity of this race exploded after the pandemic, leading Hyrox to conquer a large audience: it is estimated that more than 175,000 people will participate in the over 60 competitions that Hyrox has organized for 2024.

The real strength? Most likely the ability to address both professionals and the amateur world. The race, which takes place in courses within large indoor spaces, it is indeed accessible to all, since the workouts do not require particular skills and competences. Not only. You can choose between 4 different categories, depending on age and level of physical fitnessbut also participate in single, in pairs or in relay, in the company of friends, relatives or training partners. The race also includes a ranking, which allows the athletes who have completed the route with the best time to qualify for the World Championships.

On average, to complete the circuit it takes about 90 minutes, even if the most skilled and trained can finish in less than an hour.

Differences with CrossFit

The training on which this new fitness trend is based may seem similar in some ways to CrossFitthe motor discipline created in the seventies by Greg Glassman and then became popular all over the world. A discipline centered precisely on a series of continuously evolving functional movements and which also exist today racing circuits, both at a low level and of global interest. Unlike CrossFit, however, in which the WODs (workout of the day), i.e. a specific series of exercises, changes with each race, in Hyrox competitions The exercises and sequence are always the same.

Furthermore, while the CrossFit also features exercises that can be difficult to master and more difficult to learn, this new fitness trend tips on simple movements that do not involve particular critical issues. For this reason – underlines the article which appeared in the New York Times – Hyrox seems to have gained the reputation of safer and more accessible alternative to the discipline created by Glassman.

How did this new fitness trend come about?

The creators of Hyrox are Christian Toetzke and Moritz Furste, Olympic medalist and world champion in field hockey. The objective was to attract regular gym goers, athletes but also simple enthusiasts. Founded in Germany in 2017Hyrox quickly established itself in Europe and the United States like it fastest growing mass participation fitness sport in the world, with some events – we read on the HyroxItaly website – that have seen beyond 4,000 participants and 10,000 spectators.

And in Italy?

In Italy the debut of this competition was in 2023 to the RiminiWellnessthe event dedicated to the latest news in the world of Fitness, Wellbeing and Sport, in which again this year (June 1st and 2nd), the sport that combines running and functional training will be the protagonist of a dedicated event. AtHyrox -World Series of Fitness Racing In fact, athletes will participate (including athletes with disabilities) who, sharing the values ​​of participation and friendship, will challenge themselves and others in the Singles, Doubles and Relays categories. Part of the Hyrox philosophy is in fact also the desire to create a movement of people who share a passion for fitness, competition and a healthy lifestyle.

A new frontier of fitness, then, or a trend destined to fade away? As reported in the article that appeared in New York Timesthe creators seem to be convinced that Hyrox competitions, far from being a passing fad, have enormous potential and can achieve ever-increasing popularity.

Some curiosities about this new fitness competition? They can be read on the site HyroxItaly: The average race time is 1 hour and 32 minutesThe 44% of participants are femalewhile the older Hyrox finisher he is 72 years old …and still going strong!

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Source: Vanity Fair

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