“I am very confident in a future with Charles,” says former prime minister Tony Blair

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In an interview with CNN, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said what he expects from the reign of Charles, who assumed the throne after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

“Now as head of state, he will follow the constitution as it should and as the queen followed. He is a very committed and caring person. I have a lot of confidence in a future with him,” she declared.

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Blair also cited some attitudes of the queen’s firstborn as a prince: “To be fair to Charles, he was talking about climate change years before we talked about it. He put a lot of pressure on that, he was never aggressive about it, but he always showed his concern.”

Tony Blair was prime minister for ten years during the reign of Elizabeth II, between 1997 and 2007. He praised her and pointed out how the queen was “exceptional in pointing out what the people needed”.

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“During a period of extraordinary change, from the moment of her coronation in the 1950s to today, she has gone through it all, managing to blend the tradition she brings with the modernity that surrounds her. I think that’s an immense talent,” she said.

“She was a fascinating person to talk to from a historical point of view. You could hear from her experiences of people like Winston Churchill, who was her first prime minister and before I was born,” Blair commented.

Source: CNN Brasil

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