“I became like a mummy”: The scary changes in a woman’s face after a failed cosmetic surgery

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A woman influenced by her partner’s unfortunate comments that she “grew old” and that “if she does not do something she will find a better and newer version of herself” tried to find the elixir of youth and instead ended up “aging” irrevocably.

Svetlana, architect from Russia, 37 years old, underwent a questionable cosmetic surgery which had frightening results, as seen in a shocking video showing her disturbing transformation.

«My face shrank like a mummification“, The 37-year-old told East2West, about the discomfort that arose after she followed the advice of her beautician to take a controversial new Russian medicine.

Unfortunately, the drug resulted in “aging irreparably by 10 years”.

“The connection between the skin and the skull has disappeared”

«“My skin loosened like a rag, my face was completely gone from my skull,” he said of the irreparable damage he suffered. “The connection between the skin and the skull, the so-called facial ligaments, has disappeared».

Determined to improve her appearance, Svetlana went to a surgeon last March who advised her to remove old implants with Longidaza injections, a Russian drug that is said to cure everything from pulmonary problems to CO-induced respiratory problems.

The manufacturers claim that it has aesthetic applications as well. The versatile drug has been approved for use in many western countries, Russian NTV reported.

The surgeon assured Svetlana that Longidaza would tear the bags from the skin under her eyes. She also received other treatments, including gel injections into her cheeks and the procedure in which she received an enzyme and hyaluronic acid.

That same night, Svetlana went to the mirror and saw that Her face had begun to change.

Within three days the changes were frightening

«“The skin under my eyes dried and literally fell out,” the 37-year-old recalls. “In the morning, the volume of dried tissue under the eyes increased even more».

He added: “There were quick changes, every hour my face changed.”

Within three days, the skin around her eyes was completely dry.

The doctor reportedly offered to alleviate her side effects by injecting more gel as well as administering more of the new drug. This time, he did not charge Svetlana for the treatment.

The complications on her face are so serious that surgeons and ophthalmologists warn that her vision will be permanently damaged. «As if you were killed, everything disintegrates. You see it every day in the mirror. It’s like your face is melting and you can’t stop it».

Along with the physical symptoms, Svetlana’s social life deteriorated rapidly.

Her boyfriend abandoned her while she was isolated inside her house

In fact, “he stopped leaving the house so as not to scare anyone.”

Svetlana said COVID masks helped hide her scars, although she also wore large sunglasses and a hat to further hide her deformed face.

While the woman was trying to find information about the doctor who caused her harm, she discovered on the internet that other women had similar problems.

She then reported the incident to the Russian Commission of Inquiry, where a medical examination confirmed her worst fears.

Doctors reportedly told Svetlana that “the medicine has eroded your face, it is irreversible “. “Even after (corrective) surgery, he will be a completely different person and the skin will not be completely restored.».

The Russian Commission of Inquiry has since launched an investigation into the case, which has so far failed.

Her beautician, who disputes her claims, was caught on camera saying “Go and prove that I injected you with Longidaza”.

Svetlana used her difficult position as a warning story about the shadow of the cosmetics industry and the fetish of female appearances that perpetuates bad beauty practices.

“You can not blindly trust doctors, even with many qualifications,” he urged. “You have to love yourself and see less of Instagram and not hear people say, ‘You’re getting older.'”

“Better to grow old with dignity and do nothing with your face.”

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