“I can’t gordi, sorry”: Woman refuses to go out with a man just because he is a bricklayer

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Being rejected always hurts, but someone discriminating against you just for having a humble job, that has no name and is not acceptable. However, it is the story that a boy lived just by working as a bricklayer and from sunrise to sunset.

The boy shared on his social networks the conversation in which he was hit, unleashing all kinds of comments. In addition to the images, he attached a message that made more than one Internet user think: “We are always discriminated against by bricklayers.”

In this short but painful conversation, he told her that he is a bricklayer and she flatly rejected him. The events occurred when they first met and when she asked the man about his work, she was not satisfied.

She supported her position by clarifying that it is not the same to say that she is dating a manager than with a bricklayer, who, please, will not take it the wrong way.

Message by whatsapp;  rejects a man for his mason and goes viral

His message destroyed the boy in question, because he did not have the opportunity to demonstrate his value as a person, he was simply belittled for not having a high salary or an executive position on his resume.

Despite the fact that his heart had been broken, netizens from all over the world began to cheer him on, telling him that it was the best thing that had happened to him, because he would not have to be with someone just for convenience, since the purpose of true love is to be together to a person who grows with you and supports you through thick and thin. Also, a disappointment in time was worth more than a relationship fooled by hundreds of words.

The boy has not returned to give any answer or comment, but we hope that soon he will find someone who values ​​him for what is inside him and for the effort he makes every day, because at the end of the day, all work well done it is honored and should be rewarded and recognized.

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