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I don’t believe that ‘big’ businessman is organizing demonstrations, says CNT president

The president of the National Transport Confederation (CNT), Vander Costa, said he does not believe that “big” businessmen are leading the demonstrations that block highways across the country. According to him, the losses in the sector should be high, but he did not mention numbers.

“I can’t believe that there is any large businessman involved in this stoppage, because he will pay the bill for the lack of cargo and for delaying delivery commitments”, he declared in an interview with CNN .

According to Costa, the blocks are concentrated in the South and Southeast regions.

For him, the priority right now is to restore passenger transport. “There were reports of passengers who were held up for more than 18 hours on buses, lacking food and basic hygiene conditions,” said the president.

Costa criticized the way the demonstrations are being conducted and defended that people’s right to come and go be respected, in addition to showing concern about the supply of gas stations and supermarkets.

“We respect the right to demonstrate, but it must be orderly and it must respect the rights to come and go and to supply. We need to put fuel at the stations, we need to put food for the population,” he said.

The president of the CNT said that businessmen are trying to convince drivers to continue transport. He added, however, that there is insecurity on the part of businessmen and drivers, who are leaving trucks parked in garages for fear of driving.

Costa cited reports of violence recorded during demonstrations by truck drivers who blocked highways in 2018 and called for police action to establish security on the highways.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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