“I just wanted a brow roll”: Tiktoker recounts how he ended up with Mr. Bean’s eyebrows

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The eyebrow rolling allows us to have perfect and beautifully combed eyebrows all the time, that is why more and more women are choosing this beauty treatment to frame our face. However, not all of us are lucky enough to find a true specialist who will do an excellent job for us, and for proof is Sarah Donnelly.

The tiktoker He shared a video on his account in which he tells, in a very hysterical way, how he ended up with Mr. Bean’s eyebrows after having a laminate. She just wanted to keep up with beauty trends, but her entire experience ended up being hilarious.

I just wanted a brow roll but ended up laughing and crying

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Sarah Donnelly explained in her video that she had tried to keep up with the care of her children and as a result had completely neglected her eyebrows, but with the length she now maintained, she decided to get a laminate, so they would look combed and always impeccable .

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However, what she never expected was that her eyebrows would end in a total mess, resembling Mr. Bean’s.

My eyebrows were laminated for the first time. Here are the results. I can’t stop laughing with them. I look ridiculous.

Girl gets brow rolling and ends up with a mess on her face

Then Sarah showed them in front of the cameras, where it could be observed that she had thick and too dark eyebrows.

What have I done to my eyebrows? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The video managed to accumulate more than 14 thousand reproductions and hundreds of funny comments in which they mentioned that his eyebrows looked identical to Mr. Bean’s.


I was trying to keep up with the kids, so I got my brows laminated, and this happened. 🙈 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #funny #comedy #laugh #eyebrows #gonewrong #hadtoshare

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Some others compared her to actor Eugene Levy, known for his thick, dark eyebrows, and others suggested that she wait for the paint to fade a bit so she can see the true result. Meanwhile, the video has already gone viral because of Sarah’s funny reaction.

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