I never imagined, says student who graduated from the 1st class with USP Law students

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The USP Faculty of Law formed the first class that had places reserved for blacks, browns and indigenous people.

In addition to this uniqueness, the traditional faculty of Largo São Francisco also formed the first black woman to preside over the 11 de Agosto Academic Center: Letícia Chagas.

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In an interview with CNN Radio on CNN No Plural, she said that she “never imagined” that she would get this far: “I was valedictorian of the class, I was happy with the opportunity, my family was thrilled.”

“It was a very important moment because it was an individual victory, but also a collective one”, he said.

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The Bachelor of Law hopes that “black and peripheral people can occupy this space” from now on.

Letícia is the daughter of a truck driver father and a maid mother, who did not finish high school, but who always worked so that she could only focus on her studies.

“I have an older sister who opened all the doors for me about public schools, since I was a little girl I knew what a public university was”, she said.

Letícia explained that she was afraid of being part of the first class of quotas: “I had already taken ETEC, which is a very white environment, I was afraid of that, but I ended up building a collective policy within the faculty, I got closer to the other students in the quota policy .”

According to her, “the entry of the class of quota holders not only changes the university from the inside, but allows students who are the children of masons, Uber, garbage collectors to become part of the construction of a new country.”

“I have seen people against quota policies, but this is due to lack of knowledge, because it is what allows the poor to enter university”, he analyzed.

In the future, she says she will continue in politics, which is “an instrument of transformation”: “I intend to take the cause to institutional politics, which is a space as white as the USP Law School was”.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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