«I only hire“ anta ”women»: the criticisms of Elisabetta Franchi and her response

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Creator of the fashion brand that bears her name and known for her straightforward style, Elisabetta Franchi in these hours it is at the center of a heated debate. His statements on hiring in the company aroused him. The Bolognese entrepreneur, born in 1968 and two childrengave an incendiary interview during an event organized by the newspaper The paper in Milan, filmed and then tweeted by the influencer Stefano Guerrerawho on the social platform wrote next to the video “Why aren’t we talking about this abacus with shame rings signed Elisabetta Franchi?”.

When you put a woman in a very important position then you can’t afford not to see her arrive for two years because that position is open.. An entrepreneur invests time, energy and money and you fail is a problem, so I too, as the entrepreneur responsible for my company, have often focused on men ”, explained Franchi.

To then release the bombshell declaration, defined by most “from the Middle Ages”: “Today I put women on but they are “anta”this must be said, however still girls but grown up. If they were going to have children or get married they had already done so and therefore I take them that they have completed all the halfway points, they are by my side and they work 24 hours a day, this is important ».

The scandalized comments of those who listened to the interview arrive on Twitter. “They actually want to get across the notion that working 24/7 is normal. Abject mentality to squeeze the brain. From here, then, the first creak in the workplace coincides with an emotional / existential collapse. I find her an embarrassing woman»Writes a user. And another adds: “He could have talked about all the problems of a state that does not help working womenor no, jokes about hiring mature women to keep them from getting pregnant, amid the giggles of the audience. Disgust”.

Elisabetta Franchi did not stop to listen. Very active on social media, the designer has published a story on her Instagram page in which she explains her point of view.

80% of my company are female shares, of which 75% young women employed, 5% female executives and managers. The remaining 20% ​​are men, 5% of whom are managers. There has been a great misunderstanding for what is running on the web, exploiting the words said. My company today is almost completely female. The subject of discussion at the event I attended is Price’s research Women and Fashion, from which it emerged that in today’s reality women do not hold important positions. Because? Unfortunately, unlike other countries, it emerged that the Italian state is still quite absentlacking the facilities and help, women are faced with a choice between family and career. As I pointed out, having a family is a sacrosanct right. Those who manage to reconcile family and career are however subjected to enormous sacrifices, exactly what I had to do », concludes the entrepreneur. Will it be enough to calm the controversy?

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Source: Vanity Fair

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