I. Smyrlis: Greek initiative for the expansion of the ‘green stripes’ between the West. Balkans and the EU

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The Secretary General of International Economic Relations and Extroversion (DOSE) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ioannis Smyris talks about the “dynamic initiatives” that our country has undertaken with a “leading role” in the countries of the Western Balkans in an article today in the newspaper “TA NEA” .

Initiatives, as he emphasizes, “capable on the one hand of highlighting its leading role as a pole of security, stability and prosperity in the wider region and on the other hand to lay the foundations of a multifaceted and effective cooperation with the countries of the Western Balkans, which is reflected in the National Strategic Plan. Extroversion “.

In this context, he points out that “transport connectivity is an area of ​​vital importance for the economic development of the wider region”. In this light, “aware of the high level of interdependence, the Greek government has taken a leading role in implementing the ‘green stripe’ initiative between the Western Balkans and the EU Member States, as confirmed on the sidelines of the Thessaloniki Summit.” . At the same time, as he explains, “we support investments in strategic infrastructure and transport networks, while we work for the more efficient interconnection of Greek ports and the railway network with those of the countries in the region.”

Concluding, Mr. Smyrlis underlines that the Greek government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are making every effort to take advantage of all international cooperation opportunities. “Our strong will” states “is the building of solid foundations and the undertaking of appropriate initiatives, so that the profile of our country is upgraded for the benefit of the Greek economy and especially of the Greek citizens”.



Source From: Capital

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