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“I thought he was safe”, says mother of boy killed after being forgotten in school van in SP

Kaliane Rodrigues, mother of Apollo Gabriel, aged 2, who died after being forgotten for at least six hours inside a school van in the north of São Paulo, stated that the boy cried before going and was placed in the back seat vehicle, in a different place than usual, when leaving home.

“He was so good today (on Tuesday). But when I went to put him in the station wagon, he cried. He cried. He didn’t want to go. And she (driver’s assistant) always put him in the front, today she put him in the back seat and forgot about my son,” Kaliane Rodrigues told TV Globo.

The driver Flávio Robson Benes, aged 45, and his wife Luciana Coelho Graft, aged 44, who helps him with school transport, were arrested in the act, charged with intentional homicide, but received provisional release after a custody hearing this Wednesday ( 15). The defense of those involved was not located by the report.

“Whenever I arrived, my son was there. Today I arrived and my son was not there, and I will never see him again. I will never see my son again,” said the boy’s mother.

According to the incident report, the transport assistant told the police that she usually checks the boarding and disembarking of children, but that she was unwell and had a migraine, which may have impaired her attention at work.

The boy should have been left at school in the morning with the other students. But he remained in the van without the driver and assistant noticing.

The vehicle was left in a garage until 3:20 pm. He was taken to the Vereador José Storopolli Municipal Hospital, known as PS Vermelhinho, in Vila Maria. The boy arrived lifeless.

The case was registered at the 73rd DP (Jaçanã). The police’s suspicion is that Apollo could not resist the high temperatures recorded in São Paulo. According to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet), thermometers registered 37.7°C last Tuesday (14). The IML reports will determine the cause of death.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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