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“I want my second daughter to also be Brazilian”, says Palestinian rescued from Gaza

Ailyn Abdou, just 9 months old, was the youngest Brazilian to be repatriated from the Gaza Strip on Monday (13). Thanks to her, father Ramadan Abdou, 29, and mother Reem Rabee, 25, who is five months pregnant, were able to fly to Brazil.

“Ailyn was born in Brazil. I wanted my next child to be Brazilian too,” Abdou told CNN .

Without speaking Portuguese and without family members in Brazil, Abdou and his family are part of a group of 14 rescued people sheltered in accommodation for refugees, in the interior of São Paulo.

A fan of the Brazilian team, Abdou said he always liked Brazil. He and his wife arrived in the country in November 2022 as tourists. The daughter was born three months later. In July, with the difficulty of paying rent and keeping up with their young daughter, the family decided to return to Gaza. But Brazil never lagged behind.

“I chose Brazil because it is the country closest to my heart since childhood, I have always supported the Brazilian team. Brazil is a country of support and sympathy. I always saw it as my country,” said Abdou.

At the Brasília Air Base, where the family spent two nights, the girl Ailyn and her mother Reem received medical care. It was during the ultrasound examination carried out here that the family discovered that they had a girl on the way.

“I was afraid my baby would be born in Gaza. I wanted to return to Brazil and for my second child to be born here too. I will learn Portuguese and present the documents to obtain my citizenship.”

VIDEO: Brazilians rescued from Gaza arrive at refugee shelter

Source: CNN Brasil

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