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I want to live that dream! Girl makes more money cleaning houses than as a lawyer

The issue of economic solvency and well-paid jobs is of global relevance, because while in some countries, such as Mexico, there is a high unemployment rate, in other nations of the world, jobs such as domestic cleaning are very well paid.

We know this because of Anhy, a user of TikTok who in his account shares all the adventures and experiences he has lived in Europe, including his job cleaning houses in Germany, with which he earns three times more than practicing his legal profession in Argentina, his country of origin, affirming that his university degree does not it is necessary to live.

anhy tiktok

Anhy went to try her luck in Germany, in the company of a boy named Emi, who seems to be her partner, in order to have new work experiences. However, when he got there he realized that his professional title was not so necessary to earn a living.

During their journey through Europe, both became aware of the harsh reality faced by Latin Americans who go to live abroad. In her most viral video, the girl can be seen tidying up a bed and cleaning a house in her role as a maid.

anhy making bed

It was due to this video that a heated debate arose among users of social networks, as they compared the financial situations of that country with those of Argentina. Most agreed that the girl would most likely earn much more, while some said that in Argentina expenses were higher due to inflation, which reduced her salary as a lawyer.

Other comments that we could read from netizens said that something similar had happened to them, since their university degrees were not necessary in European countries because there they dedicated themselves to other minor jobs and earned much more than practicing their profession in their place of employment. source.


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This makes us think a lot about it, since only in Mexico many of the professionals emigrate from their city to another to be able to establish themselves and work in a well-paid job. However, with Anhy’s story we realize that this same situation is experienced by many people throughout Latin America.

After the debate that arose, the girl decided to publish a video in whose description she detailed how much money she spent per day and how much she could save living in Germany.

how to live in germany

Source: Okchicas

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