Ian McKellen: The surprise he did to a 17-year-old girl with Down syndrome

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A post on social media gave the 17-year-old a unique experience Mile Ann Prelogar, an activist for the rights of people with Down syndrome. The teenage girl who dreams of becoming an actress one day spent a few hours with the British actress Sir Ian McKellen eating pizza and ice cream!

THE Mile Ann Prelogar she was so excited to watch it “Cherry Orchard”, the play written by Anton Chekhov, in the “Royal Windsor Theater” in the Berkshire of United Kingdom and uploaded to her account at Instagram a photo of her in front of the posters of the show and more specifically of the protagonists Sir Ian McKellen and Martin Shaw.

THE McKellen saw the post and contacted the 17-year-old Mile An and her father Jeff asking them to show him the sights of the city. The 82-year-old actor, famous for his role as Gandalf in “Lord of the Rings” and to “The Hobbit”, among others, had a cousin with Down syndrome and is particularly aware of the issue.

Thus, he, the Mile An and her father spent more than four hours drinking coffee, eating ice cream and pizza. THE McKellen, in fact, visited the house of the young girl where she met her mother and her dog, Lola, before returning to the theater to prepare for his performance.

Her father Mile An described the incident saying that his daughter and McKellen they have a similar sense of humor and how they had a great time. At some point during this meeting they felt as if they were watching two children. He said that both “were two completely normal 17-year-olds”. THE Mile An she added that her day with him Sir Ian McKellen it was perfect.

He stressed that he hopes this meeting will become well known through social media so that more people can see her page on Instagram and learn more about what it’s like to live with Down syndrome.

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