IBM technologies help organizations achieve their sustainability goals

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A technology partner of COP27, IBM is committed to helping address the existential challenge of climate change. In addition to setting the goal of achieving zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, it supports companies in their sustainability strategies with innovative solutions.

As an industry leader in operationalizing end-to-end sustainability with data-driven innovation through a comprehensive and growing portfolio of consulting and technology resources, we help companies of all sizes and industries to shape their ESG goals and achieve their sustainability goals.

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IBM’s annual study of CEOs, Lead Your Impact: Practical Pathways to Achieving Transformational Sustainabilitypointed out that Brazilian leaders are facing greater pressure from board members (77%), followed by investors (64%) and regulatory bodies (62%) to adopt sustainability practices.

In addition, many companies are facing challenges in structuring the organization including ESG-related activities. Regardless of the company’s level of maturity, IBM enters as a partner to jointly create solutions and new opportunities that meet the needs. Through a strategic roadmap connected to day-to-day operations, it incorporates sustainability into business transformation and helps the company to be more responsible and profitable.

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🇧🇷The company that does not invest now in sustainability will pay a more expensive bill later on. Investments made in the short term will be much more profitable than investments made in the medium and long term.”, quotes Fernanda Borges, business development manager for sustainability solutions at IBM.

Implementing sustainability strategies

To begin with, the area IBM consulting works together with the company to define goals and indicators, from strategy and implementation to managed services. in the area of IBM Garage methodologies are developed Design Thinking and co-creation bringing together customer, industry experts and partners who together collaborate from idea to build and scale, exploring interactive structures. Companies that adopted the Garage method generated 10 times more innovative ideas, with 67% faster speed to results and 102% ROI. It’s the partner ecosystem with specific skills complementary to IBM, offers customized solutions that add value to the final result.

How can data help save the planet?

The data platform is the main challenge for companies. As Fernanda explains, “The sustainable journey starts with data. Through the visibility of all the company’s data, we are able to see what stage of maturity it is at. Data says a lot, when we can see them clearly, we see where the company needs to take action and it is easier for us to define goals.”

THE sent and the IBM’s ESG platform , which automates the collection and consolidation of more than 500 types of data and supports the main internationally recognized ESG reporting models. Provides transparent, verifiable, financial-level information and reports progress. Furthermore, it allows the management of environmental objectives, the identification of efficiency opportunities and the assessment of sustainability risks, generating predictive insights that can help reduce the environmental impact of daily business operations.

Weather data also impacts industry across all sectors. THE The Weather Company, an IBM company🇧🇷 in addition to delivering high-precision meteorological data to the B2C market, when associated with AI, it generates prediction and management solutions for different industries.

Working with Sustainable Infrastructure

According to the UN Environment Program, buildings use about 40% of global energy. In this context, it is critical that organizations make facilities more energy efficient, reducing emissions, mitigating climate risk, and extending asset lifecycles. Through the hybrid cloud, more efficient processors and the automation area, IBM brings solutions to reduce rates.

Sustainable Supply Chain and Circular Economy

Through intelligent workflows and automation, using AI and Blockchain, companies can enable more transparent, traceable and decarbonized supply chains. And the circular economy reduces costs, increases product efficiency and makes the most efficient use of natural resources.

THE IBM and its ecosystem of partners are on hand to support you at every step of this sustainability journey.

🇧🇷We invite companies to think about which sustainability solutions we can help them create. IBM has the technologies and companies have their challenges. So this is the time to co-create solutions for a more sustainable world.” concludes Fernanda.

This content originally appeared on IBM Technologies Help Organizations Achieve Their Sustainability Goals on the CNN Brazil website.

Source: CNN Brasil

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