Ibra and Quagliarella, film lives

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The angular character doesn’t help him, but so be it. Passion, the fire that burns inside him, ambition: these are the traits we know well of a man who today sports personality and arrogance and one gets the impression that it is instead a mask, one of the many used to hide that fragility that has distant roots and that the docufilm I, Zlatan well tells.

Quagliarella’s story instead takes us to a completely different territory and focuses on a moment in the player’s life, a particular and complicated phase that has marked him forever. Already from the title, Quagliarella, The Untold Thruth, we are catapulted into a mysterious, ambiguous context, full of shadows.

The unspoken truth it is the one that Quagliarella has deliberately kept hidden for a long time. And it’s about his private life. For years, in fact, Quagliarella was the object of threats from a stalker, who also persecuted his family. Threatening letters, stalking, slanderous accusations, death threats in the Neapolitan period of the center forward of Castellamare di Stabia who was forced, in spite of himself, to leave his favorite team, Napoli. There was a trial, there was a sentence in the Supreme Court of four years in prison for the stalker.

And, for Quagliarella, all this meant returning to life. Many well-known names in football talk about it in the docufilm by Goffredo D’Onofrio (author) and Giuseppe Garau (director). Colleagues, friends and former teammates Max Allegri, Alessandro Del Piero, Giorgio Chiellini, Leonardo Bonucci, Andrea Barzagli and Simone Pepe. Quagliarella, The Untold Thruth will be presented on Monday 25 October at the cotton warehouses in Genoa by MolaTV, the new broadcaster making its debut in Italy.

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