ICAO responded to the Ryanair hijacking in Minsk: they remembered the Chicago Convention

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Yesterday’s forced landing in Minsk of a Ryaniar airline, which was en route from Greece to Lithuania, “may contradict the Chicago Convention.” This was announced by the press service of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).


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There they are “seriously concerned about the obviously forced landing” of the board with passengers.

“We hope that more information will be officially confirmed by interested countries and operators,” – so far, ICAO reacted without harsh wording.

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The Chicago Convention of 1944 established the basic principles for the operation of international aviation, in particular, the rules for flights over the territory of a participating country, the principle of nationality of an aircraft, facilitation of international flights, international standards, recommended practices, etc. It continues to operate in the same way in war and emergency situations, regardless of which countries are in conflict.

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  • On May 23, 2021, the regime of the dictator of Belarus Lukashenko, using a fighter jet, forced the Ryanair airline flight FR4978 Athens-Vilnius to land in Minsk.
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