Ice Cream Day: the recipe for vegan white chocolate and cherry ice cream

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There is always a reason to eat a good ice cream: the July 18, for example, because it is there‘Ice Cream Day, a day born in the United States in 1984 thanks to President Ronald Reagan (a great lover of cones and cups), who thought it well to dedicate a celebration to one of the most loved foods in the world. To celebrate, in the gallery above you will find a delicious recipe, to be made at home without an ice cream maker, vegan, inspired by a cult of American pastry: the Cherry pie ice cream with white chocolate and cherries.

They suggest it Jurgita Rubikaite and Filippo Ronchi, the @veggiesituation creator duo that shares ideas and tasty dishes on the web for a zero-impact life and that also collaborates with Funny Veg Academy, the vegan cooking school in Milan.

«We love ice cream and when summer arrives it is one of the first recipes we make. This dessert in particular is inspired by the typical American cherry tart we love»Say Jurgita and Filippo, describing their taste simple, nutritious, perfect from the point of view of combinations of consistencies. “The white chocolate made with cocoa butter – they continue – is very creamy thanks to the addition of coconut milk, the crumbled biscuit adds an irresistible texture and everything goes perfectly with the cherry jam that can be made in a few minutes ».

This ice cream, in fact, is also an extra idea too to taste the last cherries of the year, since the season is now almost over, but also, in general, to try fruit in a different way: “Also try peaches or apricots»Suggest Jurgita and Filippo. To see the recipe, browse the gallery above

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