Identifying high IQ in childhood may benefit development, says expert

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In an interview with CNN this Wednesday (10), the vice president of Associação Mensa Brasil, Carlos Eduardo Fonseca, said that the identification of high IQ can be beneficial for the development of children.

“As early as possible, the identification of IQ can be beneficial for the child. It is important to dedicatedly assess potentiality in order to be able to develop skills and not have a problem with socialization at this stage of life,” she said.

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According to him, “from the age of two and a half, there are already tests that can help identify high potential in this group”.

Fonseca says, however, that when high IQ is identified in adulthood, the parameter is different.

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“The child has already developed. So the adult tends to have a different acumen at work, to develop in a different way. So it’s really in childhood that we can identify a window of opportunity,” she said.

On August 10, Brazil surpassed the mark of 2,000 Brazilians considered super-intelligent – ​​people with IQs far above average – on August 10, the date on which the World Gifted Day is celebrated.

The state of São Paulo leads the ranking, with 984 superintelligents. Next are Rio de Janeiro, with 229 people, the Federal District, with 135, Paraná, with 134, and Minas Gerais, with 131.

Source: CNN Brasil

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