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IDF Kills One of the Hamas Fighters Who Desecrated the Body of German Sani Luke

One of its fighters was killed in Gaza Hamas who had desecrated the body of Sunny Luke from Germany who had been at the Nova music festival when the October 7 attack took place.

In accordance with news.com.auSani’s mother Ricarda has now reportedly revealed to TV host Rabbi Smalley that the IDF tracked down and killed the “Hamas beast” responsible for “desecrating” her daughter’s body.

It is noted that 22-year-old Shani was kidnapped from the music festival near Kibbutz Urim, Israel, on October 7.

Initially, she was declared dead, then she was believed to be alive, but she was seriously injured and finally the news of her death was confirmed.

In fact, on the day of the attack, a video was released on social media, where the woman was on a cart being carried by Hamas fighters as a trophy from the attack on Israel.

Source: News Beast

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