If Damiano dei Maneskin also cuts the fringe

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Fringes have never been more popular. I’m on Instagram and TikTok, paired with hair of all lengths and framing faces of all ages. And if also Damiano dei Maneskin for the new video clip «I wanna be your slave»Surprised us with the bangs?

He who incorporates make-up, stiletto heels and manicure into his aesthetic language is not pigeonholed into a genre, could not fail to grasp the strongest trend of summer 2021: the fringe, in fact.

And the fringe appears on her latest Instagram post suggesting that the choice is made: Did Damiano cut his hair? Her fringe is not the masculine curtain or “M” of the 90s, as stars of the caliber of Leonardo DiCaprio or Brad Pitt wore it, but it is more like Brenda’s rounded fringe from the Beverly Hills 90210 TV series.

Damiano could not stand by and watch in the face of the unfolding of such a strong trend that he also paraded on Cannes red carpet and chosen by divas such as wonderful mom and daughter Jane Birkin e Charlotte Gainsbourg, which were photographed with the famous curtain bangs with a Seventies mood, worn longer by Charlotte, who leaves it open on the forehead, unlike Birkin, who keeps the extra long fringe in a central position.

And they are not the only ones. Angela belgian singer and pianist most loved by Chanel, who wanted her as the face of the 2021 eye collection, wore one Brigitte Bardot fringe, full and rounded, combined with super fluffy wheat blonde hair, gathered by a Chanel flannel. Short bangs, geometric and decisive for the charismatic director Andrea Arnold, while Lou Doillon, daughter of Jane Birkin and director Jacques Doillon, wanted it full combined with wavy hair and vaguely wild. Last but not least, Sophie Marceau con soft styled curtain fringe and not set at all. If this is not a trend!

Not to mention the fact that the fringe for the over 40s is an anti-aging choice, as demonstrated by Heidi Klum with the combo fringe and very long hair.

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