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If Taylor Swift Helps (Also) Find Your Soulmate

He is about to arrive in Italy with his Eras Tour (in Milan on July 13th and 14th), but it seems that the audience of Taylor Swift you don’t wait for it just for the show that the star ensures every time.

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According to the dating platform Bumble, in fact, Swifties – as the singer’s fans are called – are also in fibrillation for romantic matters. Bumble has in fact registered a 492% increase in the number of people in Italy who have Taylor Swift among their favorite artists, list that can be viewed on the platform among common interests, and that could help users get in touch with other fans. Hence the doubt: Is this just a way to make friends or has Taylor Swift turned into a compatibility test?

Obviously, finding your soulmate is not that easy, also because it is often a question of Swift fishing, the phenomenon where people pretend to be fans to impress. Be careful about going down this road, though: a true Swiftie would never fall for it and it would only take a few minutes to discover the truth and feel scammed. Definitely a bad way to start getting to know someone.

The trend, however, is going crazy on social media, characterized by the hashtag #DatingASwiftieIsLike. And it is precisely to avoid disappointment that true fans would hesitate to show their passion for the singer-songwriter. “Sharing your love for an artist and their music can indicate emotional intelligence, open-mindedness and strong loyalty, invaluable characteristics in a partner. For example, being a Swiftie can reflect a deep propensity towards the themes of love and self-discovery, recurring in Taylor Swift’s music, strengthening emotional bonds,” says the doctor. Caroline West, Bumble’s sex and relationship expert, who encourages single Swifties to come out. Authenticity, after all, is the key to any relationship. “Being more true to yourself will attract people who appreciate you for who you really are,” continues the specialist.

The reasoning is flawless, even if the shyest Swifties seem to have some difficulty revealing their passion for their darling. After having moved the American GDP, thanks to the increase in hotel and restaurant prices in the cities touched by the tour, Swift’s presence in Italy could therefore increase love at first sight. They haven’t yet invented a system to record love at first sight, but who knows, maybe after the Milanese stops of the Eras Tour someone won’t come out into the open. Certain summer evenings, you know, can be truly magical.

Source: Vanity Fair

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