If the Green Pass also serves for paid sex

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There is no pleasure without security. This is the new diktat of paid sex in times of a pandemic. And it’s not just about the safety it preserves from sexually transmitted diseases, but also the safety it guarantees safe relationships in terms of coronavirus infection. What most paid sex users are looking for today is indeed maximum protection. This can be seen from a survey conducted in the first ten days of September among users of Escort Advisor, Europe’s first escort review site, which investigated paid sex customer behaviors in relation to the pandemic.

The survey shows that clients do not give up on meetings, but try to protect themselves as much as possible. Precisely for this reason, many escorts have started reporting on their profiles possession of the Green Pass O the vaccination has taken place to reassure their customers.

To the question What makes me feel safe now, during a meeting with an escort? The most popular answer is Get the vaccine (31%), followed by read information from others such as reviews first (29%) e hang out with vaccinated escorts only (20%). Also wearing (7%) and having masks worn during meetings (3%), with a preference for safer services and locations (9%) make meetings more secure.
44% of survey respondents also said they pay less attention to the price of performance in favor of quality. Furthermore, 30% always ask the escort for the Green Pass or if she is vaccinated, 29% ask only if they do not know it, while the 42% declares that even the escorts ask the customer for the Green Pass.

It also changes the frequency of the meetings: those who meet escorts 1-3 times a year, before Covid were 21%, while today they are 32%. Similar trend for users looking for appointments 4-6 times a year from 18% to 20%. On the other hand, the number of users who meet escorts several times a month has decreased from 25% pre covid to 17% today. As well as the most frequent meetings have dropped: from 6 to 4% in the case of once a week and from 3 to 2% for several times a week.

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