If the Maneskins recover the makeup and hair of a 70s rocker and set a trend

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Irreverent, in Moonlight they had already made us fall in love with their bohemian aesthetic in 2017, when they came second in the X Factor contest. But it is from 2021, on the Ariston stage, that Damiano, Victoria, Ethan e Thomas – four guys apparently so different and yet so alike – not only triumph with their hit Shut up and Good, winning the Sanremo Festival but they make us remember what it means to dress and make up like the rock stars of the seventies.

In a short time the Måneskin conquer everything: the Eurovision, the aficionados of the American shows of Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres, even the Rollig Stones audience who wanted them to open their last concert in Las Vegas, last November 6th. And also the MTV Ema 2021, where they win in the rock category by beating Foo Fighters and Coldplay.

Swathed in stars and stripes, all glittered, they are the Italian dream that everyone wants to imitate, even those far from the exquisitely fluid taste of the Z generation. smudged, wrinkled hair with a “I just got out of bed” effect and perfectly lacquered nails in apple green and cobalt blue.

«Rock ‘n’ roll never dies», as the frontman Damiano said in his final greeting after the victory at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, and the Måneskin demonstrate that rock can be worn every day even on the eyes and hair as a hymn to individuality. The aesthetic codes of these four guys who are making the world fall in love with Mammamia, have the exquisitely punk-glam imprint of the fabulous Seventies.

The eyes are loaded with burgundy shades, gloss black and flames drawn with eyeliner that recall the Cleopatra-inspired gaze. The skin is hyper natural, the red, blue and black lips, and the hair touch the perfection of Hollywood styling, including XXL lengths, wrinkled effects, latest generation mullets and sleek back easy to replicate.
An edgy, sexy and inclusive style, which praises personal freedom and which can be replicated by anyone.

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