If you attach a microphone and wires to the TWS. SteelSeries Tusq Mobile Gaming Review

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Any Bluetooth headphone has signal delays that can be compensated for when watching videos, but not taken into account in games. Therefore, gamers still need wired headsets to this day. And mobile gamers wear in-ear wired headsets such as SteelSeries Tusq for 2800 rubles.


  • Headphone type: in-ear (IEM).
  • Frequency response of headphones: 20 – 20,000 Hz.
  • Microphone: yes, detachable omnidirectional, 100 – 10,000 Hz, -44 dB.
  • Headset connection: 4-pin 3.5 mm audio jack.
  • Cable: non-removable 1.2 meters in a rubber sheath.

Appearance and ergonomics

Any new thing starts with packaging. The SteelSeries presentation impressed me: the headset is on a pedestal with a slider, a detachable microphone is placed next to it. The wire and accessories are on the lower level. It turned out compact, neat and so attractive.

In SteelSeries Tusq nothing gives out gamer affiliation. No flashy accents or highlights, the neat matte earplugs are adorned with mirrored inserts with the brand’s logos. I would not worry about their appearance, fingers usually do not touch the center panels.

Everything changes after connecting an external microphone on a full flexible boom. With it, a gaming accessory is unmistakable in the SteelSeries Tusq.

With or without an external microphone, the fit is secure and lightweight. This is the merit of the modest weight and ear hooks, which exclude accidental pulling out during the game. The latter are made of elastic material with a memory effect and are laid along the contour of the ear. The plugs themselves are high, and being recessed into the ear canal, they still noticeably protrude beyond its limits. I had no problems with the fit, the lightweight construction is simply lost in my ears.

Includes two sets of ear pads of different sizes. The tips are elastic with a pleasant anti-slip coating.

The compact earbuds will also fit in a jeans pocket. The set includes a bag that protects from scratches and abrasions during transportation.


The headset is primarily aimed at mobile gamers and is equipped with a combined 3.5 mm audio jack. That’s right, not all modern smartphones are equipped with an analog connector, but if you look at it, most of them are flagships. And in mass gaming devices from Xiaomi or Realme to this day, a full set of interfaces. Therefore, the choice of SteelSeries is fully justified.

I associate video games with PS Vita. The headset works great with her, too, thanks to which I have the opportunity to fully immerse myself in childhood. Nintendo Switch users can also look closely at Tusq.

The 1.2-meter wire seemed short, hiding freedom of movement. Taking into account the bows, 20-30 centimeters are missing. The usual rubber braiding is pleasant to the touch and flexible, but it does not match the gaming accessory at all. The plug also looks rustic and lacks reliable kink protection. Among the pleasant little things is the Velcro tie.

Sound and microphone

The company does not disclose the exact characteristics of the dynamic emitters, only the standard frequency range from 20 to 20,000 Hz is indicated. It’s strange, because there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in Tusq. The speakers feel like they have little resistance so that portable equipment has the ability to pump them. The next impression is a great sense of stereo and volume by the standards of miniature plugs. Determining the direction of movement of the enemy is not a problem. By its nature, the headset is neutral: it does not seek to decorate anything, but at the same time it plays out every frequency range without failures. The low ones are voluminous and assertive, the middle ones are rich, and the high ones do not clatter. Since the interface is analog, the resulting sound characteristics are highly dependent on the source.

The main feature of the novelty is the detachable omnidirectional microphone on the boom. Its quality is comparable to that of full-size SteelSeries headsets: the voice is clear and rich without any background noise.

When the external boom is disconnected, the microphone built into the small console comes into play. He willingly captures extraneous sounds, the main purpose is a short telephone conversation. On the same console is a button and a recording hardware toggle switch that controls both microphones.

I propose to visually evaluate the difference in the quality of the recording.

Recall after two weeks of use

To be honest, at first I was skeptical about the SteelSeries Tusq. A short rubber-braided wire, misunderstood bows and, in general, ordinary materials. In fact, the cable turned out to be the only serious mistake. The temples are flexible and very comfortable, while the usual plastic is lightweight and practical. The sound is fashionable and suitable for games. But the main advantage is the detachable boom microphone. In summary, SteelSeries Tusq combines the convenience of in-ear headphones with high-quality voice recording comparable to full-size PC headsets – what you need for mobile gaming.


  • versatile design with beautiful mirror inserts;
  • secure fit with flexible arms;
  • sound suitable for a gaming headset;
  • high-quality gooseneck microphone;
  • hardware toggle switch for microphone;
  • wide compatibility, thanks to the audio jack;
  • bag included.


  • short wire.

May not like:

  • the earplugs themselves are high and protrude from the ears;
  • rubberized cable sheath and a regular plug.

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