If you can stand the terror, go through it: A company is looking for someone to watch 13 horror movies – 1,300 euros will be paid

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A company is looking for a fan in the USA horror movies, who will receive $ 1,300 to watch 13 creepy classic movies and have their heart rate monitored to compare the fear factors in high- and low-budget movies.

FinanceBuzz, a financial advisory site, said it was looking for a “horror movie heart rate analyzer” to watch 13 horror movies of different budgets and compare the fear of high-budget and low-budget movies.

The films selected are: Saw (I See You), Amityville Horror, A Quiet Place, A Quiet Place Part 2, Insidious, Get Out ( Run!), The Purge, Paranormal Activity, the 2018 remake of Halloween (The Night with the Masks), Candyman, The Blair Witch Project, Annabelle and Sinister.

The selected candidate will use a FitBit measuring device that will record his heart rate while watching the movies.

The lucky candidate will be paid $ 1,300 for his efforts. “We will also provide a FitBit, which he wears during the movie marathon, and a $ 50 gift card to cover the cost of movie rentals,” the website said.

Of all the different types of movies being screened in cinemas, horror movies are the most lucrative, regardless of their budget.

It’s not just about high-quality special effects and computer-generated horror images (CGIs) that make a movie creepy on your spine. Most of the time, horror movies are scary because of their story… not because of the production studio budget. In 2007, “Metaphysical Activity” was filmed for just $ 15,000 and grossed $ 193 million, according to the website.

“You will help us find out if a movie budget affects how scary it can be by wearing a Fitbit to track your heart rate while watching 13 movies. You will also rate the films based on your forecast for the amount of their production budget “.

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