If you choose the cream after a skin analysis

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Choosing the right cream for yourself and making sure it really offers what your skin needs is sometimes as difficult as winning a Lotto game. However, if a professional analysis is done before buying the cream that helps to really understand what can improve the condition of the skin, everything changes. A line was born from 30 years of experience in aesthetic science and technology Phormulis – High Performance Skincare, which offers functional products, designed to improve skin functions starting precisely from an analysis that allows you to know your needs and define the correct beauty routine to have a luminous, plumped up and healthy-looking skin.

The functional and high-performance substances contained in the formulas of the line Phormulis – from collagen activator, hyaluronic acid and exclusive antioxidants – act synergistically to restore the skin’s natural barrier, soothe it, hydrate it deeply, illuminate and purify the complexion, helping to prevent the signs of aging and to defend against external factors.

Everything, according to the Phormulis protocol, begins with a first, essential step in skin care – one pH rebalancing and antioxidant spray, which restores and maintains the skin’s natural protective barrier over time – followed by targeted, high-performance serums and a moisturizing, nourishing and protective cream, rich in antioxidants.

And then we proceed with everything else.

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