“If you don’t have a Lamborghini at 20, you need to have a serious conversation with yourself” – Says a millionaire and challenges

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A 24 year old self-made – as he himself states – millionaire is under fire for saying that every man should have a luxury sports car by his 20s, because $200,000 is “nothing”… unless you’re a lazy bum.

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“If you’re a man in your 20s and you don’t have Lamborghini, you should sit down and have a serious talk with yourself because you don’t have a Lambo,” quipped Sebastian Ghiorghiu. The controversial one influencers dropped the ‘bombshell’ in a podcast video, which was recently reposted on Twitter, where he gathered 2 million views and hundreds of comments. The young man from Detroit claims he won 8 million dollars in just six years of various ventures, from starting a Google ad agency to YouTube and “dropshipping” — the e-commerce practice of accepting customer orders without keeping actual inventory, reports New York Post.

He claims he had nine cars until the age of 19 and believes that everyone can follow his example. “I realize now that it’s so incredibly easy and there’s so much out there money out there and all the means to do it,” insisted Ghiorghiu with more than 825,000 YouTube subscribers, adding that “people will say that I have no contact with the reality”.

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The provocative and boastful young man with the “big” wallet, then came under fire for his bragging in Twitter. One wrote: “I think I should let’s stop the podcasts until we figure out what’s going on». “If you’re 25 and don’t own at least 47 lamborghini, you need to seriously stop and think,” wrote another.

Meanwhile, ‘What to do with a Lambo? Not a very comfortable car” said a more realistic user. Another wrote: “Buy now! Of course! Because I didn’t think of it. It all seems so simple now’ while another accused Ghiorghiu that it didn’t work nor “a day in his life.”

An investor account on TikTok, which focuses on financial content, wrote: “It’s time to ban this kind of content on tiktok we can’t stand any more Gen Z gurus.” Until today at noon I took out 12,000 dollarswas the young man’s reply.

According to his quote YouTube for young life, Ghiorghiu’s parents moved to the US from Romania in the 1980s. He worked various jobs in high school, including at a restaurant and at a car wash.

It was during the last one of work that the influencer bought an Infiniti G35, which inspired the young man to get into cars. He originally aspired to become a neurosurgeon, but dropped out of college to sell real estate after meeting his colleague, who earns money by selling and renting real estate. By the time he was 19, Ghiorghiu was reportedly net worth 70,000 to 80,000 dollars due to his work in real estate, his YouTube channel and dropshipping. “I was like, ‘Yes, I want to do this! In fact i don’t want to work“, the businessman remembers saying at the beginning of his “career”. “I want to have the freedom to do whatever I want and to I am rich».

Now, as the Romanian-American claims, he earns from 25,000 to 100,000 dollars a day and from 300,000 to 400,000 dollars in a month… However, he aspires to do even better. “A million a month it would definitely be a record for me,” said Ghiorghiu.

Source: News Beast

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