Ignazio Moser stuck in Mexico. Delayed entry to “The Island of the Famous 2021”?

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Ignazio Moser should arrive in Honduras on Monday evening, chosen person – or so they say – for restore panache toIsland of the Famous. The former gieffino, which Mediaset has not confirmed to have embarked for the reality show, should be part of a larger group, formed, according to TvBlog, by four others, new castaways. Manuela Ferrara, Rosaria Cannavò, Ludovico Vacchelli and Emanuela Tittocchia would have been hired as contestants of the show, to which Moser is expected to participate from April 26th. This date, which today seems uncertain.

The companion of Cecilia Rodriguez, who since April 14 would have placed himself in quarantine so that he could leave without carrying any risk of contagion with him, he would not be able to take the plane that, from Mexico, was supposed to take him to Honduras. His participation in theIsland of the Famous, therefore, it would appear uncertain. Moser would not have found any other flight capable of ensuring his landing in Honduras for Monday’s episode. His entry into the Mediaset reality show would therefore seem destined to slip by a few days.

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