Il Messaggero: In Italy, a plan for “covid free” islands begins, as in Greece

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In today’s article, the Rome newspaper Il Messaggero refers in detail to the plan of the government of Mario Draghi to create “covid free” islands in Italy, with reference to our country.

“The government is working to target the islands”covid free “to start at the end of April”, the newspaper writes and adds that the goal is to initially vaccinate all the inhabitants of the smaller Italian islands, such as Capri, Ischia, Procida, Ponza, Lipari and Elba.

“The government’s plan to protect the smaller islands from the coronavirus, with reference to that of Greece, has already begun to be written and is in the process of being refined,” the Rome newspaper said, explaining that islands would be selected where there are adequately equipped health centers.

Il Messaggero also writes that “Greece started the implementation of this whole plan very early and within April the inhabitants of the 69 most touristic islands of the Aegean are expected to be vaccinated”.

At the same time, according to information, the Draghi government is considering using it to vaccinate the inhabitants of the islands. the Johnson & Johnson formulation, which provides for the administration of a single dose. Italian hoteliers welcome the initiative, hoping that their country can once again be chosen as a tourist destination, mainly by American tourists.

“This is a necessary initiative, since state financial aid is not enough and in Italy in 2020 there were 67 million fewer tourist arrivals, compared to 2019, with an economic loss of more than 20 billion euros,” he said. , Il Messaggero.

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