Ilary Blasi denies the flirtation with Edmondo Israilovici: “I’ve known him for 15 years, he saw me grow up”

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In recent days Ilary Blasi she had been paparazzi at dinner with the real estate developer Edmondo Israilovici. And the gossip immediately talked about flirting. But now it’s there denial, ironic, of the direct interested party. That in his Instagram Stories has published two videos in which he jokes with Israilovici, sitting with her and other people in a restaurant: “On the covers of tabloid newspapers like my man Edmondo, called Mondo. They said she has an air of flirtation. In my opinion it just pulls an aria. What was the title of the cover like? Ilary’s world. World, what is it like to be on the covers of tabloid newspapers? ». It’s still: “How long have we known each other? 15 years? Let’s say you saw me grow up, you are much older than me“.

Then, addressing the person concerned: “World, tell me the truth: Do you tow more or did I burn you?“. And he, laughing: “You burned me“. At that point the showgirl launched an appeal to her followers: «Women, Mondo is single. I leave you the tag, take advantage of it ». And to conclude a nice selfie together.

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Ilary Blasi and Edmondo Israilovici in the showgirl’s Instagram Stories

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In short, no new love for Ilary. As she progresses at full speed the story between her ex-husband Francesco Totti And Noemi Bocchi. The two, who have not been hiding for months now, were recently photographed in Caserta, at the Riardo Furniture Fairwhere they were probably choosing furniture for their new home. An apartment of almost 300 square meters in North Rome, near Piazza Jacini, with ten rooms, including three bathrooms, and a panoramic terrace from which you can see all of Rome.

At the moment Francesco and Ilary still live together, with their children Cristian, Chanel and Isabel, in the 1,400-meter villa at Eur: each perched in its own wing, without ever speaking, and carefully avoiding any chance encounter. But soon (November 11th) they will have to come face to face in court. For the second hearing on the now famous handbag and Rolex war.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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