Ilary Blasi, the sweet photo in Tanzania (hand in hand with the children)

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Four back silhouettes, walking on the beach and they hold hands. The sweet image published online by Ilary Blasi on its page Instagram has the contours of the family portrait: recovering from the break with Francesco Totti, the presenter in fact flew in Tanzaniain the archipelago of Zanzibarfor a relaxing holiday with her older sister, Silvia, and of the three children.

Cristian (16), Chanel (15) and Isabel (6): in the tender shot they look like them, while accompany the mother towards the crystal clear sea. There are not Captionsit is true, but for many the image would speak clearly, representing the desire and the desire to start again from dearest affections. Although the conditional in this case remains a must, the very strong bond there is no dispute between Ilary and her children.

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The journey in Africatherefore, it could also be seen in the perspective of remove the children from the media chaos raised by separation of parents. Which came as a decided surprise six days ago, albeit already last February Dagospia had talked about couple crisisthen promptly denial: this time instead the news came through two official press releases of those directly involved.

Ilary is immediately mounted on an airplane, destination Tanzania, while Totti was immortalized during a game of padel with Vincent Candela, historic friend and former teammate. Both the presenter and the former footballer, therefore, are facing the delicate moment head held high, referring to some key figures: family members, managers, colleagues, to confide in each other and maybe vent.

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And turn the page, possibly without tensions.

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