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Ilary Blasi, there is a cigarette in her revenge dress

A year and a half of silence to then tell and tell about himself, but in his own way. Hilary Blasi with Unique, the documentary film on Netflix, decides to give his version after the end of the marriage with Francesco Totti. So he decides to take off all the pebbles from your shoesor rather by her pumps: she, always composed and difficult to let go, here lays herself bare but always with a certain austerity, mixed with a granitic dignity, also transmitted through her outfit.

Image taken from UNICA, the documentary in which Ilary Blasi tells the story of the end of her love story for the first time/Netflix © 2023

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A maxi Barcelona armchair by Mies van der Rohe and a soap and water look, nothing eccentric, because its truth is enough to give the wow effect. The “revenge dress” Of Ilary Blasicurated by the stylist Simone Guidarelliis a simple oversized white blouse, left slightly unbuttoned and with the sleeves rolled up, combined with black trousers.

To complete the outfit he put a pair of Alberto Ciaschini pumps with a very particular heel.

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The Smoking Hot Pump Patent, in black patent leather, they are characterized by a slightly pointed toe and a lacquered cigarette heel, decorated with rose gold details and a shaded ash-effect under heel.

Smoking Hot Pump Patent Alberto Ciaschini (Courtesy of albertociaschini.it)

Not just cigarettes: many stylists have replaced the usual stiletto with something more “eccentric”, such as broken eggs, soap bars and even rose buds. A small detail to have fun without going overboard and make even a very simple look interesting.

Image taken from UNICA, the documentary in which Ilary Blasi

«Sometimes too much has been said… Sometimes little has been said… Sometimes the wrong thing has been said…», as we hear at the beginning of the documentary film. After having collected and maintaining a – difficult – silence, it is time for the presenter to speak, without making any concessions even with her ensemble. Who knows if that cigarette instead of a heel isn’t a not-so-subtle message for his detractors… because they only have the one left to attach themselves to.

Image taken from UNICA, the documentary in which Ilary Blasi

Source: Vanity Fair

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