U.S Sergeant Charged in Illinois Bowling Alley Shooting


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A U.S Army special forces sergeant was charged in the Illinois bowling alley shooting that killed 3. The attacker has been identified as 37 year old Duke Webb. Webb was charged with 3 counts of first degree murder and 3 counts of attempted murder.

Bowling Alley Shooting

The shooting took place on Saturday evening in Don Carter Lane, Rockford, Illinois.  Although the alley itself was closed as per the orders of the state government as a part of covid restrictions, a bar  located above the bowling alley was open.

Around 6.55 p.m. green beret Duke Webb opened fire on people present in the bar. The police was called for immediately. Upon their arrival, the police found out that multiple people had been shot.

Casualties and Injuries

The bowling alley shooting left 3 dead and injured 3. Three men aged 73,69 and 65 were shot dead. One of the victims fell from the bar’s balcony after being shot, another’s body was found on the balcony.

Two teenagers were injured as a result of the shooting, including a 16 year old girl shot in the shoulder and a 14 year old boy who was shot in the face. The boy was airlifted to a hospital in Wisconsin and is now reported to be in stable condition. Another 62 year old man was shot multiple times, including on his neck and groin and had to undergo surgery.

The Attacker

The US army confirmed that Duke Webb is a special forces assistant operations and intelligence sergeant. He had joined the army in 2008 and was assigned to 7th special forces group, 3rd battalion. The army has labelled this attack by Duke ‘abhorrent’.

When the incident took place, Webb had been on a leave. Duke was arrested and reportedly tried to hide the weapon initially. The surveillance cameras located inside the bar captured the entire incident.

No motive behind the attack has been specified yet. Duke had no apparent connection to any of the victims. He will also be tested for PTSD – post traumatic stress disorder.


Source CNN

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