Illness for Eugenio Finardi, saved by his smartwatch

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«I was queuing at Linate for boarding flight AZ1643 for Brindisi when, suddenly, my heart began to beat madly, sweat poured and my head was spinning. My iPhone was reporting Atrial Fibrillation ». It’s the same Eugenio Finardi to tell on Facebook the illness that hit him, revealed thanks to a smartwatch, on November 11th and which forced him to postpone his concerts in Brindisi and Ostuni.

“They took me in trouble to the Airport Medical Center and then in Ambulance to the Monzino Cardiology Center, where they took care of me in an excellent and courteous way”, explained the singer-songwriter. “The drug cardioversion went well and I’m home now. Dazed, but okay. Tomorrow visits and checks … I want to apologize to the public of Brindisi and Ostuni. I promise we’ll get back to you soon. The appointment has only been postponed for a while », Finardi concluded, explaining that the next concerts are in any case confirmed.

«I’m fine, I’m not particularly happy because I lost two lives which I really cared about. At the airport there is always a bit of confusion, the checks are long and stressful. Not feeling well, I asked an employee for help, who promptly called for help “, said the rocker, who had already been hit by a similar illness in 2013, to the Courier service. “If my heart were a drummer I would have fired him already. You can’t go wrong with the rhythm like this ».


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