Ilva ruling: “Let’s see someone pay for what was done in Taranto”

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The last worker died less than 24 hours ago from cancer. He was 42 years old. Also for him comes the sentence of the Court of Assizes of Taranto. Fabio and Nicola Riva, former owners and administrators of Ilva, were sentenced to 22 and 20 years in prison. “We see someone paying for what has been done in Taranto. The thought is that they had stopped in time, perhaps many people would be here with us »say the representatives of the Taranto associations a Republic.

For them the accusations are of concurrence criminal association aimed at environmental disaster, the poisoning of food substances, the willful omission of precautions in the workplace.

The prosecution had asked for 28 years for Fabio Riva and 25 years for Nicola Riva.

They were among the 47 defendants in the trial Environment Cleared Out on the environmental pollution produced by the steel plant between 1995 and 2013. Sentence to three and a half years of imprisonment also for the former president of the Puglia Region Nichi Vendola who is ready to appeal: “I rebel against a justice that tramples on the truth. A legal monstrosity endorsed by a popular jury strikes us, those who haven’t taken a penny from the Riva, have uncovered the factory and imposed avant-garde laws against industrial poisons ». The confiscation of the plants in the hot area and of the three companies Ilva spa, Riva fire and Riva Forni Elettrici was also ordered.

“Nothing can compensate for what happened, my son is gone,” says a mother to the microphones of Republic, “No one will be able to give it back to me, but knowing that someone starts paying for these deaths makes you feel a little less betrayed by the state.” Massimo Castellana, legal representative of the Health and Environment Committee, is live on the Tarantini Parents Facebook page: «An important day for Taranto after so many sad and unbearable».

Legambiente he was among more than 900 plaintiffs in the trial. “This is a historic sentence for the polluted people of Taranto which certifies that in the Ionian capital there was an environmental disaster, caused by the ownership of the plant, which our association began to report already in the 1980s when the plant was still public, and which has caused many sick and dead among employees and citizens ”.

The national president Stefano Ciafani, the regional director Ruggero Ronzulli and the president of the Tarantino club Lunetta Franco add that “such a heavy sentence confirms the solidity of the epidemiological and chemical reports prepared by the investigating magistrate Todisco. With this first instance sentence we can say that eco justice is done and that never again must people’s lives be exchanged for the profit obtained in total disregard for the laws ”.

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