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‘I’m coming for your men’ – Onlyfans star threatens women with revenge for lewd comments

A star of his OnlyFans is seeking revenge online after he said he was attacked by hateful messages from women. He threatened them that he would… find their husbands by texting them.

It started with Roxy Stylez uploading a video titled “You may wanna take a seat” to her nearly half a million followers on TikTokthreatening to start sending messages to the husbands or friends of women who had sent her hateful messages on that platform.

“To all you women who thought it was such a good idea to comment mean things on my video, this is coming to youI will find your husbands today“, he said characteristically.

TikToker sent a direct message to Instagram to four fellow women who commented negatively on her previous posts, saying; “Hey, how’s it going?”. “I bet one of the four will answer” the woman said in the video, which now has 5 million views.

Their star social mediawho has over 400,000 fans on OnlyFans, earlier posted a video asking followers if they had called their husband “handsome” today or if their wife had called them “handsome.”

One of video that I posted saying if you have called your husband handsome today or your wife called you handsome today it has created a panic and everyone hates me but I want you to think about this… If I could come and tell your husband he is handsome I would have chances are I’ll take him away from you as he’s not the one for you,” she said.

“He should ignore me, he should be rude to me, he should say, “No, I have a wife”, not “I’m sorry I have a wife”, in general, they should be straight. However, if not so, then girl, I consider it fair play and he will be mine” threatened the impressive woman.

“So to those women who said mean things on my post, i’m coming for you!”.

One of the comments that “triggered” the revenge plan of Stylez was when a TikTok user wrote: “What’s the point of telling a guy he’s handsome unless you want to tear up a house,” commented the blacklisted woman.
“So everyone’s telling me I’m destroying houses and personally, I think it’s pretty funny,” the OnlyFans star said. “If your relationship is so ‘awesome’ that you have to worry about someone coming between you, then he or she is not right for you,” she said.

“My ladies, I don’t want the man like yous, but if you’re mean to me, I’ll show you I can have him,” the blonde beauty threatened.

Among the four men who received a message was ‘Darren’, whose wife asked him to call Stylez on the phone after she deleted her husband’s Instagram account, the TikToker claims.

“Don’t you dare even say hello to me after what you did to me and my husband, stay away from both of us, or I’ll blame you,” said the wife, who revealed that the TikToker and her husband were still together after 15 years of marriage, despite Styelz’s claims that the husband created another separate secret account on Instagram to message her. “You think I’m going to let some blonde pretty little snot ruin my marriage, I don’t think so,” the wife continued. “I just want to prove to you that you can’t be “bully” without accepting some concequensesStylez replied.

The TikToker, who said she was doing “god’s work”, also received messages from women who wrote hateful comments in the hope that she would text their husbands to test their faithfulness. “A husband got ‘caught,’ but I don’t think he’ll be a husband much longer,” Stylez said.

The creator of the video said she was approached online by a woman who asked her to specifically test her husband by messaging him on social media.

“Let’s just say it failed, and it failed badly,” Roxy said. “I asked him to meet for coffee, and he showed no interest,” she said of the faithful husband, the beautiful woman. However, he added that “I have about seven men that I have ‘caught'”.

The adult content creator has divided TikTok users over her revenge tactics.

Source: News Beast

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