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Imma Tataranni 3, second episode: Calogiuri is no longer the same as before and Imma is excited

The first episode of the third season of Imma Tataranni knocked out the Big Brother bringing home further 4.6 million viewers. A sprint start for the deputy prosecutor of Matera so loved by the public. It must have been the effect too Gianni Morandi? Maybe.

In the second episode Calogiuri (Alessio Lapice) returns to work in the prosecutor’s office after waking up from a coma, to the joy of Imma (Vanessa Scalera) and all colleagues. But the marshal is no longer the same as before, Tataranni notes, and above all he doesn’t remember his own sentimental transport for Imma and that passionate kiss between them. Will she be able to recover her memory? Imma hope so. Meanwhile it’s Jessica (Esther Pantano), Ippazio’s ex, to remind him of his relationship with the prosecutor. Calogiuri is disoriented. We’ll see how he reacts in the next episode.

Alessio Lapice and Vanessa Scalera. (Rai press office)

Diana (Barbara Ronchi) is jealous of Calogiuri, and she is not the only one (see Peter). Until that moment she had been the sidekick of Imma for investigations. Since the marshal returned to work the balance has been broken. To console herself, her friend starts going out with men suggested by the dating app, but the evenings don’t go as they should.

The betting case he focused on Raffaelle Pollicea boy died of an overdose and whose body was found in a ravine in Laterza. The case is handled by the prosecutor’s office of Matera and Taranto. The body did not end up there by chance: Federico was killed. Calogiuri helps Imma in the investigations, but at the same time investigates the Romianiello case. Something doesn’t add up to him: whoever organized the ambush was warned by someone. And a policeman who got out of the gun is one of Calogiuri’s suspects.

Massimiliano Gallo and Sara Drago. (Rai press office)

To keep the level high humour of the second episode of the series is Pietro (Massimiliano Gallo), Imma’s husband, who still feels the pressure of his rival in love Calogiuri. Her outburst is there boxing (the quote from Rocky it’s funny: there’s also the race on the steps in Matera which mimics the one in Philadelphia in the film with Stallion). There’s more: Pietro begins to follow a detective novel course in which his ring partner also participates Will be (Sara Drago). Is there an attraction between the two?

Source: Vanity Fair

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