Immortal love according to Pupi Avati: “The precariousness of affections is absolute evil”

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Says Pupi Avati: “As for the idea of ​​love that lasts forever, my generation said it and thought it. Today a love story like this is totally anachronistic, but I can’t help but think that ideally it must still be what we aspire to. No one can be called out of love like that. When you meet a girl, you must at least wish to be with her all your life. The precariousness of affections is absolute evil “. Eighty-two years, more than fifty films behind him, a career invented “selling frozen fish in Bologna”, the Maestro is the first film that does not appear in theaters first (for now) and the first in which he brings the story of another to the screen .

She still talks to me, freely based on the book of the same name by Nini Sgarbi (father of Vittorio and Elisabetta) and broadcast for the first time on February 8 on Sky and Now TV, it tells the love story between Nino and Caterina: a love that lasted 65 years and never ended, not even with her death.

Protagonists are Renato Pozzetto, in a splendid dramatic interpretation, and Fabrizio Gifuni, in the role of ghostwriter called by Nino’s daughter (Pozzetto) to collect a love story that lasted sixty-five years. In a comparison between generations, on the love that lasts, on the time that leaves only memories. In the cast – a Sky Original production, produced by Bartlebyfilm and Vision Distribution – there are also Stefania Sandrelli, in the role of his beloved wife, and Isabella Ragonese e Lino Musella, young version of the couple. And then Gioele Dix, Alessandro News, Nicola Nocella, Serena Grandi.

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Why this film, why now: “Because I don’t know, but I think it’s my duty to re-propose a story like this, I have reached 82 years, I know life so well that I know the importance that deluding oneself, the forever. Life finds meaning if we have the courage to delude ourselves“. Because if it is true that it is “the story of another”, for Avati it is perhaps also the most personal film. Married for over 55 years with Nicola, he put a lot of them into it: “When the character of Gifuni reads a page of the book concerning the season of life in which one no longer hugs each other, when one is old, that moment I got it from something my wife said. I was moved to see in him what I am about to be, as we age we regress to childhood and we want to believe again ».

Loving each other for a lifetime, of course, is not easy: “During my conferences, meetings, I always begin with”In my life I have done the two hardest things in the world, the film director and the husband. And the husband is even more difficult. So much so that our marriage has undergone tears, lacerations, all the turbulence of a marriage, but there has always been the belief that it was worth keeping it alive, trying again ».

The film ends with an extraordinary sentence by Cesare Pavese: «Mortal man has only this immortal. The memory it brings and the memory it leaves ».

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